Tile And Grout Cleaning Service

Tile and grout can be the most difficult thing in your home to clean. If you are taking

matters into your own hands you’ll need an array of brushes, abrasive chemicals,

and knee pads. Applying harsh cleaning agents, and endlessly brushing on your

knees, a back brace will also save you pain and suffering. But we’re here to tell you

that there is a better, easier way. Let Cooper City Carpet Cleaning take away the hassle.

How Tile and Grout Cleaning Works

Instead of brushes, use high-pressure water to blast away dirt and grime. The water

is immediately vacuumed back to our truck-mounted wastewater tank, leaving no

mess in your home. Organic, non-acidic emulsifiers break down the dirt and foreign

matter, allowing it to be blasted out and sucked away.

The most basic tile cleaning service, ideal for ceramic or porcelain tile, begins with

the application of emulsifiers and other solutions to loosen the dirt. We then steam

clean to blast away the dirt, and extract the water to leave your floors dry. Finally,

we seal your tile and grout to make it stain-resistant.

For natural stone like travertine, marble, and slate, the process is different. We start

by applying floor stripper to remove the existing sealer, and then we buff your floor.

After that, we apply our non-acidic cleaning solution and steam clean. We finish by

re-sealing your floor.

Cooper City Tile and Grout Cleaning Experts

Cooper City Carpet Cleaning also cleans tile and grout in both commercial and

residential settings. No job is too big or too small! Our powerful steam cleaning

process involves no abrasive or dangerous chemicals, and little or no brushing. We

steam clean at 1000 PSI, ensuring that even the most troublesome dirt and grime is

blasted away and extracted to our outdoor holding tank.

Our technicians are professionally certified to be the best in the business. Not only

will our service leave you satisfied, but our customer care will leave you delighted.