Cooper City Water Damage Restoration

Water damage can be very dangerous for many reasons. Whether its an overflowing toilet, a leaky A/C, or flooding from a natural disaster, you must call a professional water damage restoration service immediately. Besides primary damage like staining, flooding, and danger from slip-and-fall or electrical shock, secondary damage can be just as dangerous. Secondary damage can often be invisible to the naked eye, but can come in the form of mold, mildew, and other bacteria. Trust us to destroy the growth and remove all traces of germs and bacteria that is caused by flooding or water damage. Our skilled professional technicians are well trained for scenarios like these. We use specially formulated cleaning solutions to thoroughly exterminate any harmful bacteria and or mildew that may accumulate over time.

Cleaning Procedure and equipment

At Cooper City Water damage restorations, safety comes first

We quickly assess water damage and affected surrounding areas for potential safety hazards, then work fast to re mediate the situation. After removing all standing water with powerful suction, we place specialized equipment at certain locations surrounding the water damaged area. Such equipment consists of our dehumidifier, This piece of equipment controls the humidity around the affected area. Another piece of equipment that we use is our Air Movers, this equipment controls and regulates the air flow around the treated areas. This allows our clients to be confident that no secondary damage like mildew and organic growth will occur.

Insurance handling

Whether your floor was damaged by clean water, chemical water, or sewage water, Cooper City Water damage restorations has the expertise to remediate the damage. Clean water often comes from freshwater pipes inside or outside the home, and is sometimes the result of rainwater flooding. Chemical water is any type of solution, often dish or laundry detergent mixed with water that can damage your carpet. Sewage water from backed up drainage pipes can cause the most hassle. Our company insures to deal with all bills and or charges that might be applicable to your insurance company.

Water stains and odor removal

The longer you wait to have water damage removed, more potential complications may occur such as Secondary damage from mildew and other organic growths, This can cause health concerns. Our team at Cooper City Water damage restorations are well trained and experienced to fix these problems with ease.  Don’t let water damage become worse, call the experts at Cooper City Water Damage Restoration. Our powerful truck mounted system keeps noise and fumes outside your home or office, only the hoses are brought inside to insure the best of comfort and satisfaction from you our customer.  We sanitize and deodorize the treated area to insure cleanness and freshness.

flooding in luxurious house

Water damage restorations can be difficult to do for an untrained and unequipped individual, That is why all of our technicians are well trained, equipped and certified to deal with these problems. Water damages can cause stains and odor, That is why you need to call us Cooper City Carpet Cleaning to clean and refresh your carpet.


Cooper City Carpet Cleaning uses the most efficient and reliable equipment to deal with water damage restorations as well as for any other service we offer. Some equipment we use for water damage restorations are our dehumidifiers and air blowers, these equipment are used to control and maintain the humidity and air flow around the treated areas to insure no bacteria and mildew grows.


Our Emergency calls services are available twenty four hours six days a week to insure the safety and efficiency of our work. Upon arrival and inspection our skilled technicians evaluate and identify the problem, inform you the costumer and if approved our workers will get straight to work to refresh and clean the affected areas.