Area Rug Cleaning

Area rugs come in all shapes and sizes, and can range from very cheap to tens of

thousands of dollars. Area rugs can be made of all kinds of natural material like silk

and wool, or synthetic fibers. At Cooper City Carpet Cleaning, we specialize in

cleaning delicate area rugs.

Who Choose Us?

At Cooper City Carpet Cleaning we treat every area rug like it was our own. Indeed,

many area rugs are passed down through families as heirlooms and earn a value

that is beyond dollars and cents. You can trust the experts at Cooper City Carpet

Cleaning to treat your area rug with the care it deserves.

Don’t risk damaging your area rug by cleaning it yourself. Many natural fiber rugs

are made with vegetable-based dyes that will run, fade, or bleed from the use of any

household chemicals. If you need your area rug cleaned, call the experts at Cooper

City Carpet Cleaning.

How Does Area Rug Cleaning Work?

Our technicians truly appreciate the time and skill that goes in to crafting these

beautiful rugs. We use a 7-step cleaning process specially developed by our area rug

experts to give you the best results possible.

1. Inspection – We start by assessing the type of rug you have, including what

material it is made from, what dyes are likely used, and its existing integrity.

We also inspect your rug for specific stains, signs of wear, or anything that

requires special attention.

2. Dusting – The first true step in the cleaning process is dusting, or air washing,

to remove dirt and dust on the surface.

3. Pre-treatment – We apply special stain removers and cleaning agents to any

spots you might have on your carpet, as well as heavily soiled areas.

4. Cleaning – This process involves agitating, dissolving, suspending, then

extracting dirt and soil.

5. Rinsing – We rinse your carpet to remove any residual dirt and cleaning


6. Odor Removal – We apply deodorizers and sanitizers to remove any smells

like smoke odor, pet odor, mildew, etc.

7. Drying – Your area rug is dried in a climate-controlled warehouse to ensure

complete drying and no mildew.

Additional Services

At Cooper City Carpet Cleaning we always aim to go above and beyond, exceeding

our customers’ expectations. That is why we offer additional services, giving our

clients the complete array of area rug services to suit almost any need.

Our experts can repair any rips, tears, or wear marks. We can also put a new backing

on your rug. If your carpet is prone to spills, be sure to ask us about Scotchguard

sealers to make your rug stain- and moisture-resistant.


Available now at wholesale prices is premium Opti-Mat carpet padding. Padding

adds an extra layer of cushion to your rug, making it more comfortable to walk on.

Padding also prevents slippage, and also acts as a barrier to dust and moisture.

Premium padding is cut-to- order, available in any shape or size.


Our certified, skilled and well trained technicians greatly care about your satisfaction. We will clean ,refresh and improve the look of your oriental rug whether it is a Persian, Indian, Afghani, Pakistani or any other oriental rug you might have.


Just like oriental rugs our professional technicians will clean and refresh your synthetic rug to insure your satisfaction. We go well above and beyond the care that is needed to clean your carpet that is to make sure we have greatly satisfied you and refreshed your rug.


We also offer rug padding. Rug padding is essential for any rug no matter the shape or size, Rug padding is used to minimize if not eliminate shifting and or slippage you might have with your rug. These padding can also increase the life of your rug by protecting it from rubbing and getting damaged from friction caused by the floor and the consent walk traffic.